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Hill competition

During Randers Bike Week there will be a hill competition.

– The first 3 riders at each measurement point get respectively 5, 3 and 1 point

– In each field compete far a hill jersey (eg, U15, U15P and U17P compete for the same jersey)

– The overall winner of the hill competition is the rider with most points.

If 2 riders have equal points, the following applies:

1. Number of first places in the mountain competition

2. Number of second places in the mountains competition, etc.

3. The rider who lies best in the overall standings.

– To be placed in the mountains competition the rider must complete all stages.

There are mountain points at the following rounds and locations:


Hill competition

2. stage: Hill race, Top of Rosenbakken and top of Fussingvej bakken

1. hillsprint at Rosenbakken (round 1)

2. hillsprint at Fussingvej hill

Level Round Km.
A/B/C/D/H60/H50/H40/U19/ 1 and 4
10 km. and 61,8 km.
U17 1 and 4 10 km. and 61,8 km.
U15, U15P and U17P
1 and 2 10 km. and 30,6 km.
U13 D&P 1 and 2 10 km. and 30,6 km.

3. stage: Road race, Karlsbergvej 10,2 km after startline.

Level Round Km.
A/B/C/D/H60/H50/H40/U19/U17/ 1 and 5 10,2 km. and 59,8 km.
U15, U15P and U17P
1 and 3 10,2 km. and 35,0 km.
U13 D&P 1 10,2 km.

4. stage: Criterium, Top of Rødekrat

Level Round Km.
A/B/C/D/H60/H50/H40/U19/U17/U17P/U15/U15P/U13/ 3 and 6 10,2 km. and 22,8 km.
U13 D&P
10,2 km