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Covid 19 restrictions apply for Randers Bike Week 2020:

The current rules for assemblies and recommendations from the National Board of Health must be followed: https://coronasmitte.dk/

Based on the Covid19 restrictions, it would be desirable for all participants to have a Covid19 test before attending Randers Bike Week.

If you have symptoms of Corona virus or there is a possibility that you have been exposed to infection, you must follow the Danish Health and Medicines Authority’s advice and stay at home.

The riders must leave the race area immediately after the finish line, and must not gather in larger groups outside the race area. If riders after the race want to return to the race area, they must sit down on their own (folding) chair in the area, and keep a good distance from the others.

Prize giving after each stage: The first 3 in each class are honored – keep your distance during the prize ceremony.
Prize giving final ranking: All prize winners are honored – keep your distance during the prize ceremony.

Every day, helpers / parents / spectators do NOT have access at the start area, as we then exceed the assembly ceiling. Only riders may be in the starting box, and if several peletons have started shortly after each other, a proper distance must be kept between the peletons.

According to the a maximum of assembly up to 500 all inclusive, and spectators must sit down on their own (folding) chair, and keep a good distance from the others.

Riders, leaders, parents, spectators are obliged to keep themselves informed through the daily press about changes in Covid-19 rules and recommendations, e.g. if the recommendations regarding face mask change during the period in which the course is run.

Randers Bike Week look forward to seeing everyone – remember to take good care of each other.