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Registration for the race:

Payment with creditcard for example Mastercard, Visacard.

1. Choose this link: https://www.cyklingdanmark.dk/tilmelding/

2. In search bar write: Randers Bike Week

3. Choose: “Tilmeld”

4. Choose: “Start tilmelding” (is in the right side of the page)

If you choose “Opret Profil” then fill out next picture:

– Press “Opret profil”

After login like in the first picture then registrate the rider:

After press next you have to registrate your chip:

– Input your Chip-kode under “Chipkode til brug til dette event”

– If you do not have a chip press “Jeg vil gerne låne en chip (50,00 DKK) (Price for that is 50,00 DKK)

– Press “Næste”

Accept Terms of trade:

– Mark “Jeg har læst og accepterer handelsbetingelserne, der kan læses her” (you accept the Terms of trade)



– Choose “betalingskort”

From here it should be standard all over the world.

Payment for participation

U11 – U13 – U15 – U17: 875 Dkr (approximately 117 €)

The rest: 975 Dkr (approximately 131 €)

Payment is made on arrival at the Randers Bike Week.

If the rider have a Chip(AMB/MyLaps) then send us the number of the chip. Then there is no need to rent a chip.

Registration close July 25th 2024.

Registration for team for the team competition

Send a e-mail to randersbikeweek@randersbikeweek.dk whit name, club and class of each member of the team. Minimum 3 riders. Last date of entry: July 25th, 2024.

Riding in your own club jersey regardless of which team the rider is competing for.