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Technical guide

Regulations in the technical guide for Randers Bike Week.

Article 1 Organization
Randers Bike Week is organized by Randers Cykleklub of 1910 and race organizer Bjarne Olsen. The race is organized under the regulations of the Internatioal Cycling Union (UCI) with the addition of the regulations below-mentioned and the race will take place from August 1st – 4th, 2024.

Article 2 Acceptance of the regulations in this guide
The riders, team managers and team officials will have to take note of the technical information stipulated in this technical guide and will have to follow these instructions closely.

Article 3 Team leaders Meeting
No leader meetings. All necessary information will be sent out via Communique.

Article 4 Registration
All riders must registrate the starting sheet. Registration takes place electronically in the following places:

Stage 1: at the start/finish area latest 10 minutes before start
Stage 2: at the start/finish area latest 10 minutes before start
Stage 3: at the start/finish area latest 10 minutes before start
Stage 4: at the start/finish area latest 10 minutes before start

Article 5 Race headquaters.
Delivery of  borrowed body numbers and chip will take place in the starting area before stage 1.
The rider rides with the same body number and chip on all 4 stages.
Riders who must borrow a body number / chip must submit a valid license. The license is returned when the borrowed body number / chip is handed in after use.

Riders with a Danish license must ride with their own body numbers, their own frame number and their own chip.

Article 6 Urination and waste
Urination in inappropriate places, the commissioners can rule out riders from further participation in Randers Bike Week.

Waste may only be disposed in the nature in the drop-zones along the route. Is it done in other places, the commissioners can rule out riders from further participation in Randers Bike Week.

Article 7 Warm up
Driving on the route as long as other race is in progress is prohibited.

Article 8 Body number/chip
All riders must ride with body numbers and chip on all stages (see article 5).

Time Trail: It is allowed only to use one (1) body number and not use a frame number.
All other stages: Both (2) body numbers plus frame number must be used (left and right side).

Article 9 Helmets and equipment
Strapped helmet are obligatory.
Time Trial bikes (TT bikes) are allowed on stage 1 for U19 / U19G and older years

Article 10 Common peletons
Randers Bike Week allows the grouping of classes based on the number of participants.The H60 and H70 have a common prize list.The Ladies A and Ladies B have a common prize list.

Article 11 Gearing

Class Year Max. gearing
U17 Girls 2008-2009 7,33 meter
U17 2008-2009 7,33 meter
U15 Girls 2010-2011 6,68 meter
U15 2010-2011 6,68 meter
U13 / U13 Girls 2012-2013 6,18 meter
U11 / U11 Girls 2014-2015 6,18 meter

All other classes have free gearing

Article 12 Route knowledge
Riders must always follow the official route of the race. They are expected to be thoroughly familiar with this route, as described at randersbikeweek.dk

All routes are one-way, only residents are allowed to drive with the route around. In some places there are intersecting buses at manned posts.

Article 13 Service
Only service vehicles in peleton A, U19, Ladies A / Ladies B and U19 Girls. Service vehicles must be pre-registered.
It is only allowed to use service vehicles on the 3rd and 4th stage.
Service are NOT allowed on the 1st stage on 5 August (Time Trail) and the 2nd stage (Criterium).
It is allowed to have service depots in optional places on the routes (but not allowed on the Time Trail).

All service vehicles are committed to providing neutral service to all riders.
Riders who do not have a service vehicle in the race must hand over wheels for use in service vehicles before the start.

All service vehicles must bring an approved working radio.

Changing wheels or bicycles must always take place on the right side of the road.

Riders are not allowed to carry radios.

Periodically, a collection car will drive around the route to bring riders back to the start/finish area.

Article 14 Time limit/Riders who do not complete a stage
In the event of an approved defect by the Commissioners or crash within the last kilometer, the rider gets the same time as the group he / she was in.

Emanating riders who have had a defect before the last kilometer and had this defect approved by the Commissioners will have a loss of time of 1 minute compared to the stage’s last completed rider.
Riders with an approved defect can start on the next stage, and will continue to count in the overall classification.

Emanating riders who have not had an approved defect by the Commissioners will receive a time loss of 10 minutes compared to the last performing rider.The Commissioners may allow the rider to start on the next stage, but he / she will no longer count in the overall classification.

In the overall result, the position on the last stage will be crucial if two or more riders have the same time.

Bonus Seconds:
At each stage, bonus seconds will be given to the first 6 placed on the stage:
No. 1: 8 seconds
No. 2: 6 seconds
No. 3: 4 seconds
No. 4: 3 seconds
No. 5: 2 seconds
No. 6: 1 second

No bonus seconds on the Time Trail (1st stage).

Article 15 Team competition/hill competition
Team Competition:
In each peleton, it is possible to compete as a team for the team competition.
Each team must consist of a minimum of 3 riders.
A club / team can have several teams for the team competition.
It is possible to form teams with riders from different clubs / teams.
Riding in your own club jersey regardless of which team the rider is competing for.

If nothing regarding the team competition is announced for Randers Bike Week, you automatically participate in a team consisting of riders from your own club / team, provided that a team of at least 3 riders can be formed.

– Rules for teams made up of riders from several clubs / teams:
Teams can only be made within the same class, and not across peleton, where there is a combination of several classes with separate prize rows.
Children’s classes are exempt from this rule, and girls and boys in the same peleton are allowed to ride on the same team.

If a club team is made, it is a requirement that at least one of the riders on the team rides in the club.

After the registration deadline, it is not possible to form teams across clubs.

It is the times of the 3 best placed riders on each stage that count towards the stage’s team competition.
If riders are eliminated so that the team consists of fewer than 3 riders, the team will be eliminated from the team competition.
The final team competition is calculated by adding the daily times together. In case of a draw, the order is decided on the basis of: most 1st places in the daily team competition, most 2nd places in the daily team competition, etc. If it also ends in a draw, the competition is decided according to how the teams’ best rider is placed in the overall standings.

Hill Competition:
In all classes (but not in U11 / U11P) there is a continuous hill competition, however, there must be 5 or more participants in the peleton on the first stage. .
In selected places on all stages, except the Time Trail, there will be a hill competition.
Here there will be 5, 3 and 1 points for the first 3 riders in each peleton who pass this point.
The overall winner in each peleton is the rider who after stage 4 has the most points. In the event of a tie between several riders, the overall winner is the rider who has the most 1st places in the daily hill competition, the most 2nd places in the daily hill competition, and so on. If it also ends in a draw, the competition is decided according to how the riders are placed in the overall classification. To participate in the hill competition, you must complete all stages.

There is an overall winner of the hill competition in each class – except U11 / U11P.

Article 16 Parking
Park so that it does not disturb the race.

Article 17 Awards

In peletons U11/U11G and U13/U13G there are trophies for all participants after the last stage.
In peletons U15/U15G/U17G there will be trophies for every three starting riders in the stage race.
In peleton U17 there will be sponsor gifts for every three starting riders in the stage race. However, max. 25 prizes in each class. This applies to the GC result in the stage race. There will be prizes for the top 3 every day.

In all other classes, the total prizes are by number of enrolled, maximun 5 prizes in every class. There will be prizes for the top 3 every day.

In all peletons except U11/U11G, in addition to this at each stage there will be hill points and a hill jersey to compete about (except in the  Time Trail). There is one overall winner of the hill competition in each class – except U11.
For the hill competition see regulations under Article 15.

A yellow jersey is to compete about in each peletons. The yellow jersey is awarded to the rider in each class, finishing in first place in the GC. The shirt MUST be worn by the leading rider in each class during the next stage. However, H60/H70 compete a common yellow jersey and prizes. Ladies A and Ladies B compete a common yellow jersey and prizes.

Article 18 The award ceremony
The daily award cermony will take place immediately after each stage.

Article 19 Responsibilities
The signature of the rider implies automatically that the rider is familiar with the rules and that he accepts all the clauses. In the event of a situation that is not mentioned in these regulations, only the organizer, in consultation with the Commissaires Panel, has the power of decision.

Article 20 Changes in results
A rider’s result cannot be changed when the next stage is started. That is, when stage 2 is started, the result from stage 1 is locked, etc.

Results can be found on sportstiming.dk