Welcome to Randers Bike Week – August 1st to 4th, 2024

Randers Bike Week is an international cycling race that attracts licensed riders from large parts of Europe.

The various stages, which challenge the riders both physically and mentally, demonstrate Randers Bike Week’s commitment to promoting the sport of cycling and creating an inspiring experience for both participants and spectators.

Our goal is to gather cycling enthusiasts from all over Europe for an exciting week of great cycling from morning till evening.

Are you ready to challenge your cycling skills and experience an unforgettable competition?

Starting from 2024, Randers Bike Week will have a new organizer.

In the future, the event will be managed by BCC Elite / Belgian Cycling Club and Allan Johansen will take over the organization of Randers Bike Week. This means that the race’s founder, Bjarne Olsen, will pass the baton.

Bjarne Olsen, who has been a central figure since the inception of Randers Bike Week 12 years ago, states: “It has been a pleasure to be part of this fantastic cycling race for so many years. I am proud of what we have achieved, and I am confident that Allan Johansen will continue to lead the race to new heights.”

With a passion for cycling and solid experience in event management, Allan Johansen and the Belgian Cycling Club are looking forward to bringing fresh energy and innovation to the event.

With Allan Johansen’s background as a professional cyclist, new perspectives and opportunities will be explored. It is our hope that this will strengthen Randers Bike Week as a significant cycling event on the international stage.

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Thursday, August 1st, 2024

The Randers Bike Week opened with an exciting individual time trial stage, where competitors raced against each other for the best time.

From the starting line to the finish line, participants pushed their limits and gave it their all in pursuit of victory.

The route is 5.3 km long, with U11 to U15 boys and girls completing one lap, while the rest complete two laps totaling 10.6 km.

Starting point: Metervej, Sdr. Borup, 8940 Randers SV (500 meters from Motel X)



Friday, August 2nd, 2024

The second stage of the Randers Bike Week is a short and intense criterium, where cyclists battle on a small yet challenging circuit. With sharp turns and quick accelerations, this stage tests the technical skills and speed of the cyclists.

Spectators along the route will be treated to exciting action and tactical maneuvers as the riders fight for positions and attempt to break away from the pack. It will be a nerve-wracking battle where every second counts, and only the strongest and most tactically skilled cyclists will emerge victorious from this intense criterium stage.

The second stage/criterium is held on a 4.2 km long circuit, where halfway lies the 800-meter-long Rødekratbakke.

Starting point: Metervej, Sdr. Borup, 8940 Randers SV (500 meters from Motel X)

Parking: Gl. Århusvej, 8920 Randers NV



Saturday, August 3rd, 2024

On the third stage of the Randers Bike Week, riders will tackle a new route designed to give sprinters their chance to shine.

This relatively flat and fast route will be ideal for the fastest riders in the field, who will compete for victory in a nerve-wracking sprint to the finish line.

With the possibility of high speeds and minimal technical challenges, spectators can expect an explosive stage where sprint teams will work hard to position their star riders at the front of the field, giving them the best possible chance for success. It will be an exciting day of cycling, where sprinters will showcase their strength and compete for victory on the third stage of the Randers Bike Week.

Starting point: Metervej, Sdr. Borup, 8940 Randers SV (500 meters from Motel X)

Parking: Gl. Århusvej, 8920 Randers NV



Sunday, August 4th, 2024 On the fourth and final stage of the Randers Bike Week, hills and an exciting finish await the riders. They face a challenging route that tests their endurance and climbing abilities.

With sharp ascents and nerve-wracking descents, this stage will be crucial in determining the overall winner of the Randers Bike Week.

The riders will fight hard to keep up with the leaders and attack at strategic moments to gain an advantage in the race. Spectators along the route can expect an intense and dramatic finale, where every pedal stroke and every attack counts in the battle for victory. After four days of tough competition and countless challenges, the Randers Bike Week will culminate in a spectacular finish.

Starting point: Nr. Ålumvej 24, 8920 Randers NV

Parking: Along the roads and not in driveways.

Sign up for the race

Registration for Danish riders takes place at https://www.cyklingdanmark.dk/tilmelding/. The deadline for registration is July 25, 2024.

Participant fees:

U11 to U17: 120 euro

All others: 130 euro

Danish licensed riders can only register once they have received their license/registration number.

Registration is unique. Therefore, it is not possible to resell or transfer your race number to another person or another race. Refund of the registration fee is not possible.”

The Routes

View our routes here – We offer both GPS tracks and videos of our routes.

The routes we use are closed to all traffic, ensuring a safe and calm racing environment – We do everything to ensure that Randers Bike Week is a safe and enjoyable experience.

View the routes here

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